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Using gut technology and personalized nutrition to improve mental wellness

What we do

We are using personalized nutrition paired with gut technology, to improve the mental health outcomes of people living with anxiety, depression and chronic stress.

We offer a holistic treatment plan administered by our team of doctors, nutritionists, scientists and care team.

Our solution is rooted in science, and we are filling an important gap by using personalized nutrition to improve the health outcomes of people living with anxiety and depression.


How It Works

Step 1

Patient Onboarding

Complete a brief intake survey and we connect you to the best practitioner fitting for you in 48 hours

Step 2

We get to
know you

Our practitioners get to understand your medical history, lifestyle, diets, and if need be, order in-depth lab tests such as the GI map test, to determine potential biomarkers of your mental illness

Step 3

We treat you
with healthy food

Our practitioners curate a personalized nutritional plan for you to improve your gut and mental health.

Step 4

We journey
with you

We give you unlimited access to our care team who are always happy to answer your questions

Our Team

Our team is comprised of medical practitioners and scientists using technology and evidence-based approaches to treat the root cause of mental illnesses.

Denise Groothuis - Our care team | Vitract

Denise Groothuis MS RD CFMP CLT CPT

Registered Dietitian
Amy de la Garza - Our care team | Vitract

Amy de la Garza MD

Clinical Head of Patient Outcomes
Ken Lassesen - Our care team | Vitract

Ken Lassesen

Head of Data Science & Technology
I have had anxiety since I was a child, and tried everything from therapy to medication, and always found those things to help in the short term. I was looking for a long term solution when I found nutrition as prescription and it changed my life. Now, I’m off medication and enjoy overall wellness and happiness.

We are changing the narrative

“The cause of mental illnesses including depression, is multi-factorial, therefore health outcomes are likely to improve with more holistic interventions, rather than dependence on anti-depressants only. If there is anything as important, if not more, as meds and therapy, it is the use of personalized nutrition to treat depression.”

What does the science say?

Humans have found a variety of substances that can quell anxiety and support sleep. Some are more effective than others, and some, although effective in the short run, can exacerbate problems in the long run.

Have you ever felt anxious and then had a stomachache? Have you also wondered how an emotional feeling such as anxiety would elicit a physical symptom as stomach upset?

Research is finding that processed foods, fast foods, baked goods and sweets can exacerbate symptoms of depression, while a diet with lots of fruits, vegetables, fibre, and healthy fats can help to reduce symptoms of depression.

All of us are familiar with anxiety — sweaty palms and pounding heart, tense muscles and upset stomach. Anxiety is a normal response to stress, and helps us to pay attention, prepare for important events, and avoid danger.

Meet our Founders

Our team is led by a scientist and a former wrestler.

Linta used to be a national wrestler preparing for the Olympics until her body and mental health shut down because of the inflammation she was experiencing. Linta had little success with prescribed medications until she met a medical practitioner who helped her through dietary and lifestyle changes.

Dr. Chidozie Ojobor has a PhD in Molecular Genetics from the University of Toronto. He has 10 years of experience in Molecular Microbiology and Infectious Disease research and has won several prestigious awards and recognitions. He works with our team of doctors and nutritionists to understand and implement how food can be used to improve mental health outcomes.

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