Transform your health through your gut.

Vitract pairs gut microbiome technology with personalized nutrition to improve digestive health, metabolism, immunity, and mental wellness.


What we do


Vitract Gut Testing uses genomic sequencing to identify bacterial groups and metabolites that contribute to your digestive, metabolic and brain health.


We couple gut testing with nutrition coaching which implements personalized suggestions from our tech to optimize your gut health.

Why Choose Vitract


How It Works

Step 1

We send you a gut test

Choose your preferred plan and we will ship a gut test to your mailing address

Step 2

Register your test kit

Provide your sample by following the instructions on the inner side of the kit. Before shipping, create an account through the login navigation bar on the Vitract website. Log into your account and register your test kit. The kit ID is found on the edge of the outer cover of the kit.

Step 3

We process your result in 2 weeks

Using the return label enclosed within, ship your sample back to our lab. We will use genomic sequencing to take a snapshot of your gut and identify biomarkers of your gut health. You can access your result through your Vitract account.

Step 4

We journey
with you

Based on your gut test result, our technology generates dietary and lifestyle recommendations and our practitioners will help implement them through your membership.

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Our Care Team

Our Care Team is made up of scientists and doctors who are experienced in using gut technology and lifestyle changes to address biological factors that drive digestive, metabolic and brain health.

Linta Mustafa - Our care team | Vitract

Linta Mustafa

Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer
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Chidozie Ojobor,  - Our care team | Vitract

Chidozie Ojobor, Ph.D

Co-Founder and Chief Scientific Officer
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Ken Lassesen,  - Our care team | Vitract

Ken Lassesen, MSc

Chief Technology Officer
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Amy de la Garza,  - Our care team | Vitract

Amy de la Garza, MD

Clinical Head of Patient Outcomes
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I have had anxiety since I was a child, and tried everything from therapy to medication, and always found those things to help in the short term. I was looking for a long term solution when I found nutrition as prescription and it changed my life. Now, I’m off medication and enjoy overall wellness and happiness.

We are changing the narrative

“With our approach, we bring evidence-based solutions buried in scientific literature to life. Our solution is holistic, focusing on the person. 85% of Vitract members have reported remarkable changes in their digestive health, increased energy levels, improved sleep, and better quality of life.”