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In the last couple of years, there has been overwhelming evidence that the human gut plays a crucial role in overall health and wellness. This spans from impacting digestive function to immunity, food metabolism, and even mental health. Interestingly, these events are modulated by the trillions of gut microorganisms, the functionality of their genes, and their respective gene expression profiles. From numerous scientific literature, it is well understood that the relative composition and diversity of gut microbes, coupled with the various biochemical pathways that they modulate, drive or contribute to chronic diseases, including digestive health problems (such as irritable bowel disease, constipation, bloating, etc.), metabolic diseases (e.g., obesity, type II diabetes, cardiovascular diseases), immunity, brain health problems (e.g., brain fog, insomnia, stress), and mental disorders (e.g., Alzheimer's disease, depression, etc.).

To gain deeper insight into the underlying factors of these health conditions, it is reasonable to understand how the nature of one’s gut ecosystem may be contributing to the symptoms being experienced. Therefore, identifying the various biomarkers of one’s gut health is crucial.


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At Vitract, we use cutting-edge molecular techniques to take a snapshot of your gut, scouring for microbial groups that play key roles in your overall gut health. The data derived from this analysis allows us to gain insights into various indicators of your gut health such as intestinal permeability, butyrate production, tryptophan metabolism, vitamin production, LPS production, local and systemic inflammation, insulin resistance, etc., all of which are underlying factors of symptoms of several chronic illnesses.

We understand that nothing impacts the gut microbiome more than the food that we eat, implying that your gut health can be improved by eating the food that is uniquely right for you. Therefore, our technology has been armed with artificial intelligence tools that extract thousands of useful information from well-vetted academic literatures, allowing us to generate personalized recommendations (namely food, prebiotics, probiotics) to engineer and promote your gut health. Our solution is very rooted in science, and we are using technology to bring to life decades of scientific findings buried in literature.